When and who must a region honour as heroes for making it proud?


A Region which does not honour its heroes, they say is not worth dying for. At what stage can a Region decide to honour it’s heroes?

Why is it that our biggest export in terms of Music, not supporting the region?
Why support people outside when he has same Talent in his Region. These are some of the questions we should be asking ourselves brothers and Sisters. Are we not talented enough to gain his Support?

They might be a reason why our biggest export is not seen to be supportive to the region music wise. We shouldn’t concentrate on him alone or shouldn’t be waiting for him to support us before we can make or succeed in what we knows best. With or without his support our guys are already making it big la.

2 Kornez are making us proud in the Nations Capital, are we supporting them enough? We might think that they (2 Kornez) don’t need our help now but they needs us the most. King Raph Ahmed GH, Wiyaala and El-twist Dagara may be seen as the front runners or which ever way you may want to put it. Are we giving them the support they need from us or they don’t need our support now? Are we waiting for them to make it big and bigger then we start calling them names and how ungrateful they are, to their own people?

Artistes like Mahama Malik, Nashberry Nadal Bawaaley, Edwin Maaseg, Stunner Gh, Badda Gh, Rekordz GH, Gamebwoy Waaaluu, Pm Lexiz, Suntaama, Best Gally, Kritiz James Eben, Goddogg Ghana and Medra Gh to mention but few. And please no hard feelings my people if your name is not mentioned la.

What kind of Support are we giving them now or once again they don’t need it? Let me even ask this question, What kind of of support do they need from us or what kind of support are we giving them? Is it spiritual support, Financially or Physical support? More questions on my mind right now la.

But our biggest export should be supportive to his Region and his younger once even if the region did not support him when he was struggling to make it. You can’t use evil to pay evil assuming the region did something evil to you la.

If you don’t even want to support them individually, just do something for the whole Region to benefit la. Something like a mordern studio for recording or music library or a School self brother we no go bore la.

Source: DJ_BOSS

Lisa Baakope

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