True friendship is about putting your feet up and knowing that someone is there to bail you out when the world might walk out on you. Besides, as a support system in today’s hectic world, friends are the most reliable sources for social, intellectual and creative stimulation.

Our beloved Isaac, with no illness recorded, passed away rather unfortunely on December 2, 2016, during a normal errands as manager accompanying his artiste, Amakye Dede. He was 44 and also loving, spiritual, generous man who could always see the best in everyone. He hailed from Elimina central region.

In the present fast pace age of nuclear families where people have little time to spend with each other, friends have become indispensable. Then there are times when we find it tough to discuss matters with our family members or even with our spouse but such friends guide us and become our pillar of strength when we need them most, Isaac will be there to hear you out.

And the best part is we don’t really need to put things in words when communicating issues to our best friends. Most often friends understand us, just by looking at us or hearing our voice. This heart-to-heart bonding is what makes friendship so exclusive, setting it apart from all other relationships with Mr. Isaac Yeboah.

He spent his close to 20-year career at the People and Place newspaper (PNP) as an editor and also served as a critic on most radio and television channels in the Ghana entertainment industry. He made many important contributions during his time there and was always well respected and cared for by his co-workers and colleagues.

As a radio entertainment show panel on BREEZE 90.9 FM, Isaac was a regular member with Mr. Ahmed Banda (Bandex), Eben Afum of Flex newspaper, Uncle Fredima just to mention few. Hosted by Ekow Poncho, Isaac was considered as the most ‘free your mind’ person on Showbiz Today.

Those who knew Isaac will remember his love for the art industry and his quest to as whatever is supposed to be said without fear or favor. Isaac had an immensely positive spirit and touched so many people in numerous, special ways. He will always be remembered in love and in light.

“True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.”

From the crew of ‘Showbiz Today’ on BREEZE 90.9 FM– Ekow Poncho (host), Ntewusu Philomina Lisa (producer), Ephraim Bentum Arhin Dj camatronzy (ass. Producer), Eben Afum (panel member) and the entire BREEZE 90.9 FM, we say Rest in the blossom of God in Peace and we will always appreciate and love you. You were more than a colleague, friend and family.

Mr. Isaac Yeboah_____Damerifa Due, Due ne Amanihunu…… Onyame nfa wokra Esie Yie


-Ntewusu Philomina Lisa- Producer (SHOWBIZ TODAY)


Lisa Baakope

Lisa Baakope, is the author of this website, a Ghanaian broadcast journalist, nature lover, humanitarian and a passionate music lover. Enjoy your visit