Timeless and Ebby M display talent in “Our Time” 

Two sensational new artistes in Ghana are taking the country by storm with their hidden talents discovered as music.
Timeless, a group of 2 persons (Don Yahoozee, Origee) and a solo female Artiste, Ebby M met in a music studio, loved the way each other releases their talent and decided to jump on one beat and “murder” it.
This bold step resulted in the release of two songs which includes “Our time” from this great musical  Friendship with focus on talents inside them.
“Our time” highlight on simple people, talents and how they are being used under ground.


Timeless as a solo group have recorded several songs and have been performing on several platforms in and around Ghana, so has Ebby M, a solo singer.
These two fresh Talents believe in the future of Ghanaian music since they feel a lot of talents are hidden and will be discovered soon. According to the group, being an upcoming Artiste is not easy, 
“You will do great music but will not find anyone to help you push it to the public, meanwhile the track is done for public consumption ooooo” the acclaimed.
You can follow Timeless on social media on Yahoozee, Gmail: donyahoozee@gmail.com
You can follow Ebby M on Facebook: Anita George Yeboah, Instagram: EbbyMTheStargurl, Gmail: ebbbym6979.gmail.com

Lisa Baakope

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