There are lot of noisy gospel music- Yaw Sarpong

There are lot of noisy gospel music- Yaw Sarpong

Ghanaian gospel legend, Yaw Sarpong has shared his views on how the current gospel songs sound noisy.

Having been in the music industry for 43 years, he has noticed, “Songs released by current gospel artistes are all noisy”. He shared his views in an interview on Happy fm. “Most of these artistes don’t have patience when recording their songs.

They quickly want to get everything done so they can release and launch immediately. “I feel their challenge is that most of them actually have good storylines that will impact lives but how to put the lines together and make the song sound great is their problem”. Per his observations, Ghanaian musicians are all doing their best, especially the female gospel artistes but he believes they can do better.

He advised them to have patience and go through their songs over and over again before releasing them. “This will prevent them from releasing noisy songs,” he said.

Lisa Baakope

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