Dynamic United Stars Africa Foundation
known as DUSAF is a charity organization that aims at eradicating poverty in Africa and beyond to provide meaningful hope for the needy especially children through the provision of foods, healthcare, physical needs and infrastructure. The foundation has indeed made impacts in many lives with their humanitarian work in society.

This year they are doing something more challenging in bringing back life to Luom – Osudoku community which is the last community in Greater Accra before stepping into the Eastern Region. This community
lack lots of social amenities including potable drinking water, healthcare facility leading them to walk or travel miles to other neighbouring communities leading to deaths,
school building for quality education making life for inhabitants difficult. Due to this, Dusaf picked up the mantle to restore smiles back in the Community and with the help of two other NGO’s, the community got a successful free Health screening in October 2017 and saw the need to do more by raising funds to help build a healthcare facility in the community.

Dusaf collaborated with Loum- Osudoku community to cut sod on the land for the commencement of the first healthcare facility building in the community to provide access to quality healthcare and also to help save lives of inhabitants which took place over the weekend on 27th October 2018 and raised bags of cement initiative to support the starting process of the building.

The parcel of land given to the ngo (DUSAF) was donated by the community lead by the family head. Assisted sister foundations that helped DUSAF in cutting the sod were Chilky Foundation, Hero movement foundation, Skidmediagh, Tyrant kay, Sickle cell family etc.

Among dignitaries present during the sod cutting were…
The District chief executive represented by Assistance District Engineer, The Doryumu Asutuare Junction District commander, The MP represented by Her Research Assistance, The Osudoku Traditional council represented by the Chief of Luom Osudoku, the District Director of Education represented by the Director of Human Resource, the Divisional comander of Police Dodowa represented by DSP Mahu, the Assemblyman represented by Unit committee member, Rev Sikatsu Amanor, Elder Noah etc….

The foundation is ready to team up with other people including organisations, private sectors, government officials and NGO’s to help build a healthcare facility in LUOM to help save lives.
Any building materials, cash or more can be sent to the foundation bank account details. Contact Dusaf on any of the numbers 0557371720 / 0570180085 / 0267858305 / 0247800844 for more information…..

Together with unity and love, we shall celebrate in success knowing we built to save lives and our generations to come for God loves a cheerful giver.

Lisa Baakope

Lisa Baakope, is the author of this website, a Ghanaian broadcast journalist, nature lover, humanitarian and a passionate music lover. Enjoy your visit