S concert organisers loses control over the event: audience express displeasure

Muchly attended and most well organized event in the whole of the capital last Friday lost control over their event for 2017.

Most audience were wondering why a big event like this will lose control over the arrangement of performances buy headline artistes.
They must however be commended for putting up and coming artistes on the show.

Every event has it dos and don’ts hence audience were expecting sanity in and throughout the event. These are some of the things most audience were not happy about:
1. They had to wait for Shatta Wale to get of his car for almost 2hours

2. Shatta Wale had slapped a bodyguard and blowed another on stage and was not repremanded.

3. Shatta Wale performed for almost 2hours when there were almost about half of the headline artistes had not been on stage. We all have noticed when he performes the show ends afterwards.

4. After Shatta Wale’ s performance he had to show his arrogance by saying all other artistes coming to perform after him had no “hit songs” that’s why they are coming after him.

5. He (Shatta Wale) had the enfountry to ask his fans to feel free and smoke marijuana for Ghana Policehas nothing to do to them.

These are 5 things the organizers of the S concert lost total control over and audience have show their disappointments in.

This could show that S concert has no respect for our artistes except for Shatta Wale and it shows how incompetent they are.

Can this lead audience to boycotting this event, perhaps yes but they wish organizer put their foot down, render an apology to them and give out a better successful event next time around.

Lisa Baakope

Lisa Baakope, is the author of this website, a Ghanaian broadcast journalist, nature lover, humanitarian and a passionate music lover. Enjoy your visit