Patriotism in War: The Role of the Ghanaian in the Fight Against COVID-19

Patriotism in War: The Role of the Ghanaian in the Fight Against COVID-19
Corona virus

For centuries, indeed, millennia, there has been a special connection between patriotism and war. It is not surprising that the participation in war has been universally considered the primary form and activity in which patriotism manifest itself. To hear the words “a great patriot” was to visualize a man with arms in hand risking his life on the battlefield (John Sommervile)

In times of war, the lives and freedoms of people are either taken away or have to be defended, in most cases, with physical weapons against aggression and invasion. The global impact of the coronavirus pandemic poses a fundamental question: Are we at war, and if yes, against who?

Ghana, like most African countries and indeed like others around the globe is currently battling the deadly novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). While all sectors of society are involved in pandemic response, the national government is the natural leader for the overall coordination and communication efforts.

Accordingly, the President, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo, on March 11, 2020 declared a “A Whole Ghana Approach” to fight against COVID-19. This marked the first of his weekly press briefings to the country and to confirm our worst fear that our beloved motherland was no longer COVID-19 free. In view of this, several measures have since been instituted to curtail the spread of the virus. However, these measures if it be successful, demands the unwavering support of every Ghanaian.

A Whole Ghana Approach to the pandemic emphasizes the significant roles played not only by the frontline workers or first responders, but more importantly also by individuals, families and communities, in mitigating the effects of the pandemic. Like war, all citizens are expected to defend their nations at all times through every means necessary.

Commendably, the government has shown leadership in various ways including; identifying, appointing, and leading the coordination preparedness and response; enacting legislation and policies required to sustain and optimize preparedness and response efforts across all sectors, prioritizing the allocation and targeting of resources to achieve the goals as outlined in the country’s response plan.

Now to us Ghanaians, it is important that all households take measures to ensure they have access to accurate information, food, water, and medicines. For families, access to reliable information from sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and other authorities will be essential. Individuals, especially those who have recovered from the virus, may consider volunteering to assist others in the community.

Because the virus is transmitted from one person to another, and via contact with surfaces, the adoption of individual and household measures such as covering our mouths when coughing and sneezing, regular hand washing, disinfecting surfaces and the voluntary isolation of persons with respiratory illness, and more importantly limiting the frequency with which we go outside our homes can go a long way to prevent additional infections.

Let me emphasize that, actions such as observing the social distancing protocols and staying at home as much as possible are acts of patriotism in this fight. By doing so, we protect ourselves, household and entire community from falling to this unseen enemy.

In conclusion, it is evident that with no Ghanaian left, it would be meaningless to talk of victory, of a better future, of a just cause, or of true patriotism, that is true love of one’s motherland. Let us therefore critically examine the new conditions of our cotemporary warfare in the effort to understand our enemy, in order to completely cause its annihilation and emerge as a triumphant nation.

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God Bless our Homeland Ghana and make Her Great and Strong!!!

Written by Emmanuel Theemachiavelli

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