No One Writes Life’s Testimonial For Anyone On Earth – The Case Of Late Musician Ebony, Others, In Perspective

We woke up last week Thursday only to be banged in the face with the hard news – promising Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Ebony Reigns, has died through a car accident.

The news brought shock and sorrow – a very excruciating one! Just like any other society, the life of a deceased always come up for discussion – and so Ebony, as a Star or Celebrity, has the life she lived, under review by society.

The dulcet-voiced Ebony, who played around nudity from the offset of her career, incurred the displeasure of many in the Ghanaian society – because, many lour on open nudity. In plain words, she staged a bold face and told the world she doesn’t care what anyone thinks or says of her or her brand.

The denouncement did not stop. It got so intense that somehow, we started seeing changes. Ebony started covering up. Her musical lyrics and themes, relatively, improved and reinforced. She started giving society, a positive orientation to change.

Just as she was about to impart and impact fully, destiny acted – very unfortunate in our human estimation. All those who condemned her and never patronized her, have become well-wishers – mourning with Ebony’s family, friends, and fans.

Still, her life is under review. A video of Ebony’s friend by name Franklina Nkansah a.k.a Franky Kuri, a believed Lesbian, who died with the former, is circulating. In the video, Franky can be seen kissing another female. Some are believing the other female is Ebony.

In the heat of the shock, some are calling on others to end the circulation of the video and their reason is that “Lets Respect the Dead” – an age-old shibboleth in the Ghanaian society I disagree!

Franky Kuri’s LIFE TESTIMONIAL, is what is being played to the world today! That is the respect she deserves! Nobody wrote that testimonial for her! She did! Society has not done any wrong for circulating the same life she willingly and proudly lived!

Respecting the dead, should not mean if a deceased was a Thief, we should now call the fellow a Philanthropist because the fellow is no longer among us or the bereaved family are mourning! That is dishonesty! This dishonesty in our society must end somehow!

Respect for the dead is also where a departed was Humane and you say so – and not say the fellow was Fiendish! Respect for the dead should be about giving the exact account of who the fellow is – no addition, no subtraction!

Whether Ebony was a Lesbian or not, is inconsequential to me! Many in our society deprecate Lesbianism, personally, I don’t! However, her sexual orientation as a celebrity, is certainly a subject of legitimate public interest, hence, the talking!

“We Don’t “Speak Ill Of The Dead” – another age-old narrative, must be junked from our culture and society. If you are a good person, you are good as such and die with that record. You don’t become a good person simply by leaving your body!

The life I’m living today is a Testimonial of what I’m making of myself and of life. Whether it is good or bad – proclaim it; whether I’m alive or not. The paean will encourage me to do more goodness and the chastisement will help me shun evil!

I shouldn’t be doing evil and live to be known as such, and think I can take solace in being called a good person when I leave the cosmic! Society should play back the exact life I lived – the good, and the bad!

As You read this piece, ask yourself: “Is the lifestyle I’m living one society is proud of? Take inspiration from? Can use to shape minds positively? Model over for progress?

If not, then mind you, you may be the next Franky Kuri.

This write-up is actually an advice, a reminder, or call it a caution, to you and very person, that, no one writes life’s testimonial for anyone on earth.

You write it before exiting. Let’s make it a better one worthy of praise and admiration! Until I leave my body one day….. MOTWUM!!

Source: Osarfo Anthony

Lisa Baakope

Lisa Baakope, is the author of this website, a Ghanaian broadcast journalist, nature lover, humanitarian and a passionate music lover. Enjoy your visit