Meet the only Ghanaian artiste with daily quotes

Most music acts both inland and outland are often noticed by their respective art of social media and day to day lavish life from boasting about stuff they have to flaunting them.

Will you be marvelled to see a Ghanaian artiste who flashes daily motivational quotes to his fans? Well, meet Amos Nii-Yartey is an up coming musician who is popularly known as “Shade” but then “Saved” who has been in the must industry for barely a decade but understands the right to feel good in one’s self hence helping to uplift spirits and souls of his fans out there.

In an interview with Lisa Baakope (@lisabaakope), Shade explained why he and his team initiated “Shade Daily” saying this is a way of communicating and keeping in touch with their fans.
“We trying to keep the people active with the Shade Daily inspirational and motivational quotes and also to keep the image in the face of the people … So that when we drop the new song and content under the new name shade, It will get them to really listen to the song and we believe it will be with them.”

He further exclaimed that to them “Shade Daily” will help keep up with the brand from time to time and build upon the fan base.

“Shade” who is a versatile artiste was few year ago know as “Saved” and is a recording artiste under the record label Altmost Entertainment.

Visit him on all social media platforms for A brighter day with “Shade Daily” @Iamshadegh.

Enjoy today’s quote below

Lisa Baakope

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