In order to ensure peace in the country, Family Life and Home Affairs, a Non-Governmental Organisation, is urging President John Dramani Mahama and his government to listen to the voice of Ghanaians on the ex-detainees from Guantanamo Bay.

There has been lots of agitation among Ghanaians ever since the two ex-detainees were admitted into the country, but the President and his communicators are trying hard to convince everyone on the need to accept them at no risk.

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with the New Crusading GUIDE, the NGO through its President and Events Manager, Eric Yaw Dartey noted that since the President has not succeeded in convincing Ghanaians, it is better for him to listen to the people and return the ex-detainees maintain peace.

It was Ghanaians that voted the government into power, hence any government would be on the right path if it listens to its people and do their will”, he indicated.

He likened the situation to that of Pontius Pilate (in Luke 23: 23-24), where Pilate gave in to the people’s choice of crucifying Jesus Christ as against his.

Mr. Dartey also observed that in Ghana, Christians and Muslims have tolerated each other in peace and was absolutely unnecessary to turn the Guantanamo debate into a religious one.

According to him, anytime a debate is turned religious, it results in chaos, saying that was not what Ghanaians want for the country.

Family Life and Home Affairs is an NGO which provides an innovative and dynamic framework for the active participation of individuals in relationship management knowledge, connecting developing countries, think-tanks, regional and international organizations, Financial Institutions and Civil Society organisations with relevant seminars and charity events.

It comprises of Love summits, Health walks, and blood donations exercises, peace walks and inters religious games and charitable donations to the less privileged in society.

It recently held a blood donation exercise at the Aburi Gardens in the Eastern Region to support the National Blood bank with blood stock.

It has plans of donating to hospitals in the near future and other medical facilities to decrease the neck breaking burden on the powers that be.

Call president of the NGO, Eric Dartey for more details (0243658363)

Lisa Baakope

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