Lisa Baakope bounce back with the Unscripted show

Lisa Baakope bounce back with the Unscripted show

Broadcast journalist and Online promoter, Lisa. P. Ntewusu popularly known as Lisa Baakope is out of her shells with an all new season of the Unscripted Show.

The show which was populated on social media specifically facebook around 2017, had seen day light again after going off screens for almost a year.

According to host, Lisa Baakope, the show met a lot of challenges hence the decision of go off.

Its return has been made possible by the Almighty God, I-mage films and few great people who supported me in diverse ways even though we faced a lot of challenges with production- she said.

The Unscripted show is an online interview show which is aimed at shinning spotlight on up and coming personalities, businesses, acts, goods and service.

To be featured on the show, one needs to email with details of themselves or business.

It is an uncut interactive show on the YouTube channel @philisaTV. Enjoy the first episode below

Lisa Baakope

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