Ladies watch out; He might not be interested in you if he shows any of these signs


Time to get it together and keep it moving from him, because you deserve someone way better! Let me let you in on some things that when you see it with your guy, you should know he is definitely just in it to waste your time.

1. He’s always busy.
This is the #1 sign you should watch out for, and unfortunately the most obvious that most girls miss. You should not only be his priority when he is “free” because I am sure he makes time for his friends, doesn’t he?

2. He doesn’t take the time to get to know you.
Because he is always “busy” he doesn’t invest in the necessary time to get to know you better.

3. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends and/or family.
I’m not saying he has to take you to his momma, but if he is really interested in you, you should have at least have met his siblings by now. As for his friends, every guy likes to show off his “catch” to his homies for ” cool points”. If he is not showing you off, it means you do not matter to him.

4. He doesn’t open up.
Guys are a tough nut to crack in our part of the world, I get that. We fall short on the emotional tip, but that is not a good enough excuse to not share his personal stories with you. If he pushes back whenever you want to talk about his past, yeah he definitely has issues letting people in his circle.

5. He never plans anything.
A guy should take the lead in a relationship even though women like the “going out” thing more. If you found yourself always planning activities for the relationship, you should realize that he is just not really to put in the required work for you.

6. He never calls you, all your conversation are limited to text and WhatsApp.
He is hiding something if he never wants to get on the phone with you. Maybe you are the side piece and he doesn’t want the “main” to find out so he keeps all his contact with you via text.

7. You are never in his future plans.
When he talks about his dreams and aspiration for the future, it’s always “I” and you are never in the picture. Sure, he needs to be working on achieving them, but it should involve both of you. What if he wants to move from Kumasi to Accra, Nakuru to Nairobi or Owerri to Lagos, you can’t stay behind can you? And what is the plan for you to join him?

8. He always cancels out on you.
Your plans rarely become a reality, because he has something better to do.

9. He can’t let go of his ex.
You can only move on to the future if let go of the past. If he’s not here to waste your time, he wouldn’t still be investing in his failed relationships.

10. He is anti-pubic PDA.
Again in our part of the work, most guys just don’t do it, but if he wouldn’t hold hands or even put his around you are you walk, he just doesn’t want to be seen with you.

Source: Omgghana

Lisa Baakope

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