Comedy Express, the new TV show for Ghana comedy starts tonight on Joy prime

Comedy has finally come to stay in Ghana. There has been a lot of comedy clubs running through the country to serve as a craft honing grounds. One of such is the most patronized Comedy Express monthly show. This corporate people’s favourite show went on a break to be redesigned into a TV show that starts airing on Joy prime 7.30pm tonight.

Now the dimension is about to change with this new TV show. It is very obvious that not everyone has been to a comedy show in Ghana, with that in mind, Ecstacy Entertainment having videos of Comedy Express, their monthly show decided to put together the first pure stand-up comedy TV show in recent times dubbed similarly to the event; “Comedy Express”

“Comedy Express is a simple comedy magazine show where the comedians explain the motivations and the secrets behind the jokes they create. After they have spoken about these jokes, the viewers would get the chance to watch that particular performance by the comedian. It is the same comedy express monthly show, the only difference is that, it is now on TV for all those who have never had the opportunity to enjoy it and serves also as a chance for the regular patrons to reminisce’’ says the Production manager of Ecstacy entertainment Mr. Norbi..

When asked what inspired the TV show, he said “We just want people to see how comedians are able to create a joke before they perform it. It is also to expose Ghanaian comedy to the populace. The population of Ghana is in the millions hence it is impossible to hold all of them in an event center that is why this program is designed to serve you rich comedy in the comfort of your home.”

Comedy Express will be showing this evening Thursday May 10, 2018 exactly 7.30pm exclusively on Joy Prime TV. The show would be hosted by young budding actress Olivia Amponsah. You can also catch the recap of the show on the YouTube channel (Comedy Express Ghana). The show is proudly supported by Apple pie publicity, Meegah hair saloon, Fashion lounge and Chop bar

Source: Fenuku Augustine.

Lisa Baakope

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