Nana Esi NisinVIII of Ekumfi traditional Area and Founder of Everimages Career Consult in collaboration with Alliance Française, of Accra and other Identified personalities present a “TRADITIONAL GOVERNANCE CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION” and the launch of the ASSOCIATION OF TRADITIONAL LEADERS (ATL) on 13th of June, 2016 at Alliance Française Accra

In Ghana, the major consideration of becoming a traditional leader is principally through inheritance. Hence many well-meaning traditional leaders lack visible leadership skills, governance competencies, abilities to generate funds or even use the local resources to create wealth and enhance the wellbeing of their people locally, nationally and globally.

In the urge to address this issue, Nana Esi NisinVIII of Ekumfi traditional Area and Founder of Everimages Career Consult in colaboration with Alliance Française Accra and other stakeholders presents a one day Traditional Governance Conference and Exhibition.

The idea behind this initiative is to bring all traditional leaders together on the same table and discuss their roles and responsibilities in the society. A selection of 100 educative, committed and likeminded traditional leaders will be drawn from different traditional areas and hierarchy for the Traditional Leaders Governance Conference. This core of traditional leaders will be the bedrock for the “crusade”. The queen mother Nana Esi Nisin VIII believes that the conference will help address these issues and will provide benefits for all participants including the sponsors. This will further help to strengthen the chieftaincy institution in their various jurisdiction and traditional areas and also compliment government’s efforts to facilitate developments in their various communities. However Nana Esi Nisin VIII emphasized that the conference is not only for traditional leaders. She also encourages children and the youth to take part in the event as they represent the future of the Nation.

Intellectuals will take participating Traditional Leaders and the public through the following modules

  • The Chieftaincy Act of the Republic of Ghana
  • Palace Protocol
  • Property Right of Spouses/ Family and Business Law
  • Entrepreneurship Skills and Management
  • Traditional Leaders as Allies for Community change.
  • Insurance Policy.

The conference according to Nana Esi NisinVIII will bring numerous benefits both to the participants and also contribute to the democratic development of the country. Among the benefits she outlined is that the conference will help make a strong defense for the relevance of the Chieftaincy institution in modern democratic Ghana and also help argue for the need to integrate the cultural and traditional values into modern government and society.

She further states that the program will enhance the leadership and governance competencies of the participating Traditional Leaders, and likewise equip participants with skills to use locally and with other resources to create job opportunities among others.

The day will begin with the  Traditional Governance Conference at 9am and will be climaxed by an Exhibition opening which will run until 23rd June (from 9am-6pm each day)  under the theme; Accelerating Change in Governance, The Role of The Traditional Leader. Also to take place will be the launch of the Association of Traditional Leaders (ATL) at 6pm. Artifacts to be displayed during the exhibition will be traditional accessories as well as handmade artworks and products made by participating queen mothers.

As a queen mother, Nana Esi Nisin WIII ‘s commitment has been spurred on by some of the negative realities of traditional cultural rites as well as her own personal experiences of discrimination and she is certain that the conference and exhibition will provide several benefits to all participants and also appreciate  the rich traditional culture of Ghana.

SOURCE: Eleanor Dartey, Alliance Française

Lisa Baakope

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