All Africa Rastafarians calls for international morality in Rastafari trading

Shashemene, Ethiopia – November 8, 2017:  Over 130 representatives of 12 African countries, Brazil, Seychelles, United Kingdom, United States of America and the Caribbean, concluded the All Africa Rastafari Gathering in Shashemene, Ethiopia, on Tuesday November 7, 2017.

One outcome of the Gathering was the formation of the Rastafari Continental Council, which will convene in South Africa in May, 2018 to bring the report from this Gathering to Ras Tafari communities in Africa. This entity proposed to represent Rastafari in the African continent as a region.

With regard to the dual focus on Representation for Repatriation and intra-Africa trade, the Gathering resolved to advocate expediting the freedom of movement for Africans in Africa as a prerequisite for boosting intra-Africa trade. This issue was highlighted when two delegates, from Malawi and Jamaica respectively, were unable to enter Ethiopia on arrival, as both countries are ineligible for the issuance of visas on arrival.

Other resolutions were for Rastafari representation in African Union structures, responsible use of social media, and sustainability of the Gathering as an annual event with continued focus on intra-Africa trade. However, keynote speaker Dr. Desta Meghoo, during the opening ceremony, cautioned the Gathering against being myopic and insular when thinking of trading relations and proposed a Pan-African scope for the production and manufacture of goods with the ‘Made by Africans’ brand.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Rastafari Global Secretariat, also present at the meeting, resolved to expand its regional framework for representation and to support the Shashemene and other repatriated communities’ pursuit of legal status in Africa. Conference organizers described the gathering as mature and purposeful with delegates completing the agenda in a timely manner and successfully networking for trade.

Determined to advance the goals of cultural sovereignty, economic freedom and cultural industry in a creative economy, the conference Declaration emphasized the Rastafari ethos in the Nation’s trading relations. It also urged accelerating the pace of the African Diaspora’s membership as the 6th Region of the African Union.

Ghana was represented by Royal Moses Kofi Asante, Empress Marina Blake, Ras Amdi Zion and Ahuma Bosco Ocansey whose participation was supported by U.K based Gallery GM.


The conference, described as ‘mature and purposeful’, will be held annually and Ethiopia will host it again in November 2018.thiopia

Lisa Baakope

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