Growing up in a suburb of Suhum called Kwaben the duo of Akatakyie is made up of two brothers; Prince Kwabena Budu Asumaning born on 3rd march 1976 with stage name Kobby Culture and Ebenezer Kwasi Okyere Asumaning born on 5 April 1979 know on stage by Pharoah are natives of Abrim Akwapim. Born to Mr. Kwaku Asumaning and Madam Rebecca Oparibea they are amongst 10 children.

The family of Asumaning is relatively a music family from the father to the last race of human in the family with the parents being traditional singers. They sang in their village for several years which exposed the eldest of the group Kobby Culture a helper who took him around Ghana to perform. Kobby then spoke to their good friend who was a taxi driver in one of his trips to Accra called shining about their career and he then introduced them to his friend who knew a music producer one JB Asarfo Boakye

JB Asarfo Boakye then produced their first ever album in 1999, Ghana mma. They maiden album had ‘Odo esisi me’ on it which won them the Best Hiplife Song award in the maiden edition of the Ghana Music Awards organized in 2000.

Akatakyie have six (6) albums to their credit. Subsequent to their first album, these albums all had remarkable hit tracks on them. All their albums when released in their particular year were nominated for Ghana Music Awards.

Since their appearance on the Ghana music industry they have never jumped from one record label to the other, management and their style of music has also not changed.

Taking hiplife back; one can say they have really contributed a lot and some call them the real inventors of hiplife that is the fusion of highlife and hip pop. Their style of music has been the trend many “hiplifers” has trended on.

In an exclusive interview with BREEZE 90.9 FM NEWS specially Friday edition WHERE ARE THEY, Pharaoh noted that Akatakyie was still a strong music group which will be coming out with a new single in June or July this year and it will feature Guru the Lapaz Toyota hitmaker. This release will alert all our fans that even though Akatakyie was ‘dead’ in the scene we are back and will do more for them he added.

They have had hits like ‘Ghana mmaa’, ‘Agoo’, ‘Odo esikyire’, ‘Sinsima, Esi, Meyare’, ‘Masan aba’, ‘Oman baapa’, ‘Odo ye musu anaa’ and ‘Sie sie obaa no featuring Okyeame Kwame among others.

Prince Kwabena Budu Asumaning a.k.a Kobby Culture have 4 children and Ebenezer Kwasi Okyere Asumaning a.k.a Pharaoh have 2 but are not married yet. The last album they released before their music break was obaa bia ye obaa.

To all who thought Akatakyie was out of the existing Ghanaian music scenes, watch out for them.


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Lisa Baakope

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