​Shut UP! If You Can’t Mention Names Of Gospel Musicians Using Juju – Patience Nyarko

Lately, Gospel musicians in Ghana have been lashed for various reasons and the recent attack coming in from various angles indicates that, gospel musicians resort to supernatural powers, popularly known in Africa as ‘juju’, to propel them in their career more than hiplife artistes. 

These rumors doesn’t seem to end anytime soon as our news are often fed by some fetish priests, traditional leaders, pastors and even industry players, confirming the alleged use of juju by these gospel musicians who are expected to use their songs to minister and win souls for Christ. 

Contemporary gospel songstress, Patience Nyarko finds this very alarming and has dared accusers to as a matter of urgency come out with names of the supposed gospel musicians who seek for these black magic to keep them flourishing in the industry. 

The ‘Wafom Kwan’ hit maker in an interview explained that, it is of good if a name is being mentioned rather than just throw dust in the eyes of Ghanaians, to defame the image of the gospel ministry.  

“My heart boils each time I hear on radio that gospel musicians resort to juju for career successes. It’s about time names are being mentioned to know the truth of these baseless accusations tarnishing the gospel ministry. These claims are repugnant and are undermining our integrity. I dare all those behind these accusations to come out with names or they ‘SHUT UP!’ forever” 

“Why would someone even think that Gospel musicians seek for juju in their career and what is also preventing the accusers from mentioning names of the perpetrators ?” Patience questioned. 

Lisa Baakope

Lisa Baakope, is the author of this website, a Ghanaian broadcast journalist, nature lover, humanitarian and a passionate music lover. Enjoy your visit