​New movie alert- ‘ULTIMATE BETRAYAL’

Is it good to trust someone and allow him/her into your life??

This is the multi million question on the minds of wounded souls worldwide as the trusted friends betrayed the loyalty and trust reposed in them allowing them space in their lives

Most often than not,  when  with open Hearted you allow your friend into your life, assist him/her in various ways possible, entrust your life and all that goes with it and he/she in turn manipulates his/her way to take that which belongs to you makes life a sour taste in one’s mouth.
Ultimate Betrayal will unmask the telepathic manoeuvre of wicked minds to unleash pathetic and insurmountable problems in the lives of their benefactors.

Watching Ultimate Betrayal will regenerate your thinking faculties and open up your intellect to fathom the wiles of trusted friends so that you mount up strategies to neutralize their machinations even as they resolve to make your life miserable.
Ultimate Betrayal,  the movie from the stables of Gyapson Films Will ultimately lead you to discern between good and bad friends from their intentions of befriending you from the onset.
Watch out as the Block Buster,  Ultimate Betrayal hits the Silver screens close to your doorsteps.

The movie written Nana Akua Afrakoma Osei and directed by Solomon Frimpong , features Ghanaian movies stars like Nana Ama Mcbrown Mensah, Bill Asamoah, Bernard Nyarko “Bishop”, Bridget Adusei Amopofo and many more.
Trusted friends are lurking around to unleash their arsenals against you to steal your joy and break your  fronts.
Source: Papa Nii Adjetey PRO-GAG Ashanti

Lisa Baakope

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