The era of interviewing personalities on radio and television has evolved. In particular, people often comment and make ambidextrous remarks on how in-depth interviews have become. There are plenty of rumours about what sort of questions interviewers or show hosts like to ask to delve deeper into the psyche of the interviewee or their guests, and no matter how ludicrous you might find the whole exercise, being honest is a little risky. 
To make interview process successful, the questions and answers ought to be revealing and intimate, and come across as authentic and conversational. Hosts are expected to assume people would answer the questions how they anticipated them to, how they hoped they would be asking them in different ways either tweaking the language or fine-tuning their approach.
The manner in which things are asked in the course of talk show interviews is ever evolving, which is good  due to the fact that there isn’t a perfect science to any of it. No matter the technique deployed by a host to interview their guest, there certainly ought to be mature and mutual respect between them and not a situation whereby one would lord  on the other or the host to belittle the guest and vice versa.
This piece seeks to address a rather shameful, heretical and unprofessional situation that transpired in an interview conducted by Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known in Showbiz as Delay. 
The embarrassment Delay made actress Vicky Zugah go through on national television is very distasteful and shouldn’t be swept under the carpet. Everyone indeed has experienced one embarrassing moment or the other in life. Celebrities are not left out on this. This  shows that, as people we may have bad days. Actress Vicky Zugah went through such ignominy in what was supposed to be a healthy  interaction but unfortunately ended up in what I believe could be her worst nightmare on a national screen in Ghana.
In the course of the interview on the Delay’s Show, Delay being the interviewer aggressively attacked and described her guest,Vicky Zugah as a ‘liar’ and therefore must be ignored on her account of her abusive boyfriends. She actually labelled her actress friend as a pathological liar and accused her of lying to Ghanaians in seeking sympathy on her failed relationships. 
Delay indeed launched a scattering attack on the actress as though, she mischievously invited her on the programme just to humiliate the poor mother of two ,calling her all sorts of names and ended up saying she was disappointed in her and would not continue the interview. This is very unacceptable in the sense that unethical for host to verbally attack a guest because she refused to tell the general public what the host expect or knows as a close friend
What looked like a movie without a clapper obviously without any speck of doubt looked like delay had it all planned, wanting to humiliate her actress friend live on national television. This is lack of professionalism to the apogee and should be condemned by all and sundry especially, the television and radio personnel and social commentators. Let’s not be mute on certain issues like this because of the fear of suffering some unwarranted counter attack at the hands of the culprits. Let’s not make some people look like demigod, untouchable even when they go wrong. I expect industry players to come out from their shell to utterly condemn Delay for the uncouth attitude she displayed on national television to disgrace the fair Ghallywood actress. Today, it is Vicky Zugah the actress, tomorrow it could be the media practitioner, the social commentator, the public figure, the musician, the footballer, the reverend minister or the comedian who would  appear on her show
Anger, Love and Respect have no limits; let’s condemn what is wrong today for Delay to choose the latter to make her a better show host in order to have a more dignified show tomorrow.

Things are to be used and people are to be respected. The problem with our silence on an issue like this is that, ironically people would continually be disrespected and things rather respected in our showbiz industry. Let’s always keep this thought in mind as we always want to remain mouth sealed because of nepotism. Let’s chastise our colleague celebrities and friends in the industry when they go wrong with certain actions or inactions.
My humble advice to Delay is to watch her  actions as a host; they become habits. watch her habits they may become her character; and watch her character; it could become her destiny. What she did to her friend on her show whether premeditated or accidentally was extremely shameful, unprofessional, embarrassing and unacceptable. She should render a public unqualified apology to Vicky Zugah and her  viewers if she cherish them. 
Source: Frederick Mawuli Ackumey aka Diwo Fie Asem

Lisa Baakope

Lisa Baakope, is the author of this website, a Ghanaian broadcast journalist, nature lover, humanitarian and a passionate music lover. Enjoy your visit