​Atuu Festival of Art  to offer platforms to new talents

Ghana is to expose new talents to the world through the birth of the Atuu Festival of Àrts in a set of colourful cultural activities showcased in a total array of artistic expositions come 2018.
The chàirman of the Planning Committee, Mr Asàre Yamoah stated at a press conference yesterday. He indicated that 
“Atuu festival of arts is to create opportunities for the creative arts and culture industry in Ghana and make it a major arts and culture destination by bringing home major players from around the world to interact with local artistes. It would also be an avenue to unearth new talents leading to job creation”.
The Chairman of the committee indicated that the festival is to offer platforms for all and sundry, from book publishers, artists, dressmakers and what have you to help them market and prove themselves for the international market.
The Atuu festival of arts is a festival by the industry and for the industry. It is created by the Joint Committee of Collection Management Organizations to offer opportunities to members, creating linkages between the world and the Ghanaian arts industry.
The festival is expected to come off every 2 years and to be hosted in the entire country. Participation will be opened to both local and International artistes.
The Atuu festival is a biannual event owned by the copyright owners of Ghana and managed by the JCCMOs made up of representatives of all three collective management organizations in the country namely- Audiovisual Rights Society of Ghana (ARSOG), Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) and COPYGHANA.
The festival will be launched officially on the 19th of August, 2017 with detailed information on the festival.

Lisa Baakope

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